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About JP Maroney

JP Maroney is an accomplished American entrepreneur with over 30 years of diverse experience across publishing, media, advertising, software, e-commerce, and consulting industries. His extensive background encompasses a range of roles, including founding and leading companies, investing in promising ventures, and steering significant turnarounds.

Often serving as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Strategic Advisor or Advisory Board Member, JP applies his deep expertise to help businesses solidify their market position, specializing in developing robust marketing strategies and customer acquisition programs that drive rapid revenue growth. He is the founder and CEO of Marocom Group, a platform where his innovative spirit thrives, launching and nurturing ventures in publishing, software, media, and more.

JP's role extends beyond leadership; he is a dynamic force in deal-making, often engaged in critical negotiations, strategic alliances, and acquisitions. His investment portfolio is broad, reflecting a keen eye for success in both the corporate and real estate sectors.

An author of over 30 books and learning systems, JP's influence in the literary field is evident. He hosts "The People Builders Show," flagship show of the People Builders Podcast Network, scheduled to launch in Q4 2023. He also serves as Executive Producer for various podcasts in business, healthcare, and personal development, underscoring his dedication to continuous learning and empowerment.

With a history of mentoring numerous entrepreneurs and business owners, JP is a reliable source of wisdom for up-and-comers in the industry. His insights are also highly sought after on the global stage, where he regularly delivers keynote speeches at major business conferences, sharing his effective, unconventional approaches to marketing and business growth.

JP's consultancy, training and advisory roles have put him at the strategy tables of major organizations, including Wells Fargo, Blackrock, and the National Association of Realtors. His work—defined by successful business launches and growth strategies—highlights his unique approach to tackling industry challenges.

In every endeavor, JP Maroney advocates for a balance between successful entrepreneurship and philanthropy, demonstrating his commitment not just to personal and business success, but also to contributing positively to society. His personal mission statement is: "Make Money, Make Memories and Make A Difference!"

JP Maroney's Biographical Information


Born: October 13, 1970, Bayshore Hospital, Pasadena, TX

Spouse: Tonya Lynne Maroney (m. 1991)

Children: Karlista Maroney, Valeigha Maroney, Zelysse Maroney

Height: 6'2"

Known for: Entrepreneurship, business, marketing, investing

Notable work: Global Research, The Deal Flow Show, JP Maroney Network, Marocom Group, People Builders, Summit Interests, Options Magazine, Escape Media

Education: Robert E. Lee High School (Class of 1989)


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