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"Your greatest journey is to search for, discover, and fulfill your unique purpose." -- JP Maroney

"With his keen eye for profit opportunities, JP Maroney tends to buck conventional wisdom, and that pays off." -- Inc Magazine

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JP Maroney reviews - testimonial by peter fogel

"I think the man is a Marketing Savant!"

He has ethics, he has character and he has the ability to immediately see the value in a business and monetize it for its owner. My work with him has been ideal!

PETER FOGEL  //  Keynote Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer

JP Maroney reviews Andrew Haddleton testimonial

"He has a knack of seeing things that most people overlook."

Each time I talk to JP I come away with ideas, inspiration and a different perspective. He has a knack of seeing things that most people over-look. I'd recommend JP to anyone looking for a strategic insight into their business.

ANDREW HADDLETON  //  Business Advisor, New Zealand

jp maroney reviews ray edwards

"He knows how to get results!"

JP is a rare person - not only does he know a lot about marketing and business, he knows how to get results. I've been the first-hand beneficiary of JP's results-getting magic. He gets my recommendation without reservation.

RAY EDWARDS  //  Author, Copywriting and Marketing Consultant

jp maroney reviews david sprague testimonial

"...the result that he gets is incredible."

I hired him for probably the most money I have ever paid any consultant in my life -- make no mistake about it he is very expensive -- but the result that he gets is incredible. Just in the next four and a half months we're looking to -- with no more time, no more effort, just the strategies of him taking just one of our programs we're going to NET $250,000. We're already $100,000 into that $250,000, so I'm a big believer in JP and what he's doing.

DAVID SPRAGUE  //  Entrepreneur, Software Developer

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"I firmly believe there is no shortage of opportunity… Only a shortage of creativity in leveraging that opportunity" -- JP Maroney

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