Webinar Marketing With Joint-Venture Hosted Webinars

Really great question from guy about “webinar marketing” in a group I’m in on Facebook about the “high cost” (50% commission) of leads using JV-driven webinars.

I agree with him BTW… and here’s my answer. Thought I’d post it here some of you may not be in that group…


Mark… that’s an excellent question.

Probably not an experienced webinar marketer in here who uses JVs who wouldn’t agree that JV-traffic is VERY, VERY expensive.

In the example above… you’d be paying $8.80 PER NAME added to your list… and $98.50 PER BUYER. Super HIGH.

FACT: JV hosted marketing webinars are addictive… it’s just too easy to get some more guys to promote.

But, that’s why peeps like Frank and others are using paid traffic to fill their pipeline more and more.

For example, let’s say you’re buying $1 clicks in FB. And your reg/opt-in rate was only .20% (nasty bad, right?) you’d still only be paying $5 per new name hitting the funnel — bargain compared to the $8.80.

But, the other side of it is that JV-traffic is basically zero risk or upfront expense… so it’s attractive from that perspective. (Now, you won’t last long out there with a non-converting webinar… word WILL get out).

One more thing… having someone else endorse you, host you, stacks on lots of trust fast… so it’s still a good deal.

And, the thing I learned from Jay Abraham years ago was… 50% is a bargain when you realize that other marketer spent their time, effort, money, etc building that list, those relationships, etc.

In essence… I’m getting PAID to build my list… a list of people I can sell a lot of other stuff to over time — ESPECIALLY with my “13-Week Power Cycle!” … that’s another conversation. :)

Final note: Personally, I’m serious investigating ways we can drive more traffic to our funnel and webinars via paid traffic. So, it’s definitely on my radar — and I totally GET the value of doing that.

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