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Harbor City Capital Corp

Harbor City Capital (“HC”) is an alternative investment asset manager specializing in the implementation of time-tested, proven arbitrage strategies to generate reliable yield from the high-growth +$200B internet advertising sector.

Serving as a destination for alternative yield, HC takes a data-driven, bottoms-up approach to mining and monetizing internet traffic by identifying select industry verticals and applying a proprietary, systematic model of execution to drive a
diversified set of income streams.

Following 16 consecutive quarters of double-digit returns, HC’s team of experienced internet advertising, digital media, big data, operations and finance professionals are creating “Voyager Fund”, a closed-end product that will provide the alternative investment community with access to this unique, yield-driven strategy.

Harbor City Capital’s 3 Key Strengths

1. Large & Growing Market Opportunity

HC executes in a +$200B* market that has been growing at a compound annual growth rate of 40% over the last 5 years, with expectation to reach +$272B* by 2020. The Principals at HC are addressing and monetizing on the supply / demand imbalance resident in the dynamic and fragmented market.

2. Technology-Driven & Formulaic Approach

For over 10 years, HC has developed deep levels of pattern recognition and built proprietary algorithms to address the opportunities in this fluid and growing market. Through a formulaic and proven approach, HC filters and refines raw internet traffic to predictably generate valuable and deeply sought-after new customer leads which are supplied to high-demand niche markets.

3. Repeatable & Highly Scalable Arbitrage Model

The Principals at HC employ a tightly controlled “testing & scaling” strategy to limit downside and aggressively scale-up into campaigns that are driving outsized risk-adjusted returns. This uniquely allows for the preservation of capital while significant upside value creation is achieved.

Within the behemoth +$200B digital advertising market, HC has uncovered and is actively executing against a highly profitable niche market in the U.S. lead generation space.

5 Reasons Why Harbor City Capital Is Winning:

  1. Fragmented & Highly Inefficient
  2. A Disciplined Approach
  3. High Demand, High Margins
  4. Why Leads Sell For A Large Premium
  5. Competing On A Road Less Traveled

Internet Lead Generation: Unlike other forms of traditional advertising where fees are paid up front and do not depend upon the success of the ads, with performance-based lead generation the advertiser pays only when a specific action is completed; such as an inquiry form completion, a webinar registration, an app download, a quote request, a white paper is downloaded, etc. This shift in marketing has successfully reversed the traditional value proposition of advertising and also allows for real-time measurement of ROI.

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