Poem: You Can Sleep When You’re Old

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JP Maroney Poem

No rest no sleep
You can sleep when you’re old

No rest no sleep
Til your story is told

No rest
This ain’t a test
deliver your best
It’s just a gest
Sture of your commitment
To yourself

So just Dream, Hope hustle
don’t believe the lies

Dream hope hustle
keep the fire in your eyes

The world will try to take it
Tell you you won’t make it
Make you feel you gotta fake it
But you can shake it

Put it back in their face
Escape the disgrace
They try to place
Upon your race
Don’t give em the space

Inside your head
Cause that’s not where they live
They’re really dead
They’ve got nothing to give
Just empty hearts
Walking this earth
They were in the grave
As far back as their birth

But you’re alive
You can feel it
Pulse pumpin
Can’t conceal it
You got the hammer cocked cold
Ready to kill it

Target in sight
Forget the flight
It’s time to fight

And don’t rest
Don’t sleep
You can sleep when you’re old

(c) 2013 JP Maroney

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